06-01-03 : The day all of my dreams came true..... One of the good things about going to events like Carlisle is you can get a lot of exposure for all of your hard work and countless hours.  It all came together for me when I was approached on Saturday by Rob Reaser, the editor for Mustang Enthusiast Magazine.

Seems that I am not alone in thinking that lately some of the other magazines have only been showcasing drag oriented cars with flashy paint and quick ET's but that's about it.  So several of the people who were part of SuperFord (before the merge with 5.0) got together and decided that there is a market for a different type of magazine - they couldn't be more correct in their vision.

Mustang Enthusiast will specialize in 79-present street mustangs - something that doesn't require big dollar sponsors to build; that can be driven on the street; can handle, brake AND have power.  I am proud and honored that Rob asked me to do a shoot for their magazine.  They picked 6 cars from the entire Carlisle show and I was paired with a beautiful Fox Hatch that took first in his class.

They ended up spending about 1:30 to 1:45 and countless rolls of film on my car - but the best part was some of the unique and different angles that he was taking.  Some of them look like they will come out extremely well.  So while they were doing that, I asked Rob if I could take some 'behind the scene photos'.

I really think their vision is on track and they are set to be a dominant force in the mustang magazine world.  The first issue should be out shortly, and I'm hoping that I'll be in one of the first few issues.  The subscription price is a bargain compared to some of the other magazines out there - you can get one at Mustang Enthusiast.  My thanks to Rob Reaser and Bob Stone for giving me this honor.