06-09-2007 : With the car back together there was no way I was going to miss the annual CJMF car show at Englishtown.  They are a great organization, well run and a good group of people. 

Turnout was a little light due to graduations and the chance of thunderstorms but those who were there had a very good time.  I got to speak with a few people regarding the new setup and was amazed to see the number of vehicles with Kenne Bell superchargers on their cars....just a testament to their great reputation for making a quality kit - and making power.  At the end of the day I was very grateful to take 1st place in the 99-04 modified class.  While we should always build our cars for ourselves and our own enjoyment, it is a great feeling to be acknowledged by your peers and in this case by the judges.  Cannot wait to see everyone next year!


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