11-03-05 : Out with the old, in with the twin screw!  That's right, after several years of trying to get the turbo setup to make the power that was promised, only to be discouraged by inadequate equipment for two years and then finally realize that even when making power, the configuration couldn't make what it was supposed to I have decided to move on to a Kenne Bell 2.2L Blowzilla twin screw supercharger.

Amazing torque, great power, and customer service that is second to none.  Ken, Jim and their entire staff have been instrumental in getting this transformation complete with their exceptional knowledge and skill.  The goal is to copy their test car as closely as possible and see how the results come out.  In the end I will have what I have wanted from day one - an amazing street car with superior power, handling, braking and class, all with stock driving characteristics.

So stay tuned over the winter as the build-up begins and the transformation from turbo to supercharger progresses.  Of course while this is going on, other changes will be taking place to keep the car at the top of the show scene and to have more success and happiness with the car.

My thanks to Jerry @ SCT, Ken and Jim @ Kenne Bell, Bill Phillips (white99GT), and of course Ms Snky for their support and help in making this transformation a reality.  Let's get ready for some serious boost!

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