01-22-06 : What a great day for a ride and what a site to walk out to on my street, I'm sure the neighbors had a lot to talk about today!  We decided to head over to Maybrook, NY today instead of Paragon in PA - while I still enjoy the rocks and mud of Paragon, Maybrook offers trails and riding for everyone including the sport bikes.  The LMMC-CT crew met up with some of the guys from NortheastATV'ers - a site that we quad owners have been hanging out on and they're a good bunch of guys - feels a lot like LMMC-CT....In all we had about 16 people and spent the day riding and having a blast.

Santina got to test out her new quad and was having a blast - she even managed to get it tangled in some steel cord...I of course just thought someone was stuck so I went barreling through the muddy water splashing everyone - Dan got a kick out of it...Santina didn't :)  We then headed over to Subway for some nice toasted subs for lunch...it was the best BMT I've ever had!  The second part of our trip was spent exploring some of the more muddy areas so the 4x4 guys could have some fun - unfortunately I had a little too much fun and my CV joint finally bit the dust.  They're known to do so on Grizzly's, especially with larger tires so Gorilla axles here I come...

In all a great day, a lot closer than Paragon so we all got some rest and were home at a decent hour - and riding time didn't suffer because of it.  My thanks to Jafo for transporting my quad for the day and of course to Stick for the ride in the Sticktastic dually...it was nice not driving somewhere for a change.

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