02-04-06 : Well it was bound to happen - take one Grizzly, add oversized tires, mix in some extra power and it is inevitable you will snap a CV joint.  Mine held out for just over a year with the larger tires - and only one ride after the rejet/filter kit....good thing I waited on the exhaust.

So rather than spend $175 for an OEM replacement - which will either just snap again or the other side will snap, I made the step up to Gorilla Axles.  They are definitely beefy - and I don't see myself snapping one of these, but if I do they come with a 1year warranty.  Installation was very straight forward for the most part - the instructions were good, but the pictures were a bit fuzzy from being copied so many times.  One note was that it said to take the circlip off the stock axles, but the Gorilla axles came with new ones.  I would add two steps to the instructions to make the job significantly easier - 1) remove the rear shocks so you can get a straight shot when installing the new axles into the differential, it makes it a lot easier.  2) They don't mention greasing the spindle...while common practice, those not mechanically inclined might not know to do it.  Otherwise the directions are pretty straight forward.  Removal was very simple, I did have some problems with the installation however trying to get the circlips to compress - when they say 'several solid blows' they mean it.  After a giving up on one side, then the other side - then removing the shocks for a more direct approach, they finally went in.

While you're there, it's also a good time to grease all of the fittings and clean out any twigs, leaves, whatever that resides in your suspension/etc that the power washer can't get out.  In all, installation took a few hours - but that was only because of the installation problems, and of course stopping several times before I started to throw tools - removal of each side was 5-10min.  The entire job can easily be done in under an hour if you remove the shock from the start.  One final tip - purchase a large axle nut to put on the end of the axle during installation - it will save you from hitting the OEM ones.

Tools Needed :

Jack ,impact gun (for ease), 14mm, 17mm deep sockets, 26mm socket, brass hammer, 14mm and 17mm wrenches, torque wrench.