09-24-05 : Year three at the shore house, and once again we were fortunate enough to have some amazing weather.  Although not the low 80's that were predicted, we were still in the high 70s every day and only had a little bit of rain one night.  The ocean temperature was quite pleasant which made for a very relaxing week.  I'm happy to say we didn't really do much of anything the entire week....we sat at the beach, drank Glenn's colada's, watched crappy movies and played cards....it was extremely relaxing.  Of course our LBI trip wouldn't be complete without a night down at Atlantic City - however this year we didn't fare as well as we have done in the past and only Glenn walked away up this year....oh well.  But James, Glenn and I did enter a NL hold'em tournament at Caesar's during the day...you basically sign up and the prize is determined by the number of players.  We had 73 players in the tournament, and while I didn't win - I did outlast James and Glenn :) as well as roughly half of the field so I felt pretty good - and I was getting low on chips and when you're dealt a solid pair you have to take the chance....two over cards however makes it a crap shoot.

On to the crappy movies.....I'm not sure how this tradition got started, but last year it was Bubba Ho-Tep and Dorm Daze....this year we had to top them, and we succeeded.  We started out with Frostbite....absolutely horrible.  Then we moved on to Malibu Spring Break.  I read the reviews on imdb.com but couldn't believe it was that bad....it was.  Some brief nudity made it ok, but the acting was about the worst I have ever seen.  How do you top those two movies?  National Lampoon's GoldDiggers.  Fast forwarding to the two brief topless shots was still an agonizing waste of time - none of these were worth the cost of the dvd's they were on....do yourself a favor, avoid them - they really are THAT bad....

And of course what LBI vacation would be complete without me building some sandcastles....I've moved up a bit and bought a kit from http://www.sandtools.com - yeah I know it sounds stupid, but some of the tools they give you really are helpful.  More importantly was the video that came with the kit really - I only wish I watched it sooner.  I have to get some more tools and accessories for next year so I can build bigger/higher, but I'm making progress and it is very relaxing.  I've never claimed to have an artistic bone in my body, but if I get an image in my head I can copy it - so day2 was spent trying to copy the castle they built in the video and I think I did a pretty decent job.

To make things even better, the homeowners listened to our idea and put in a cable modem so we all had access during the week - next year we're going to bring down a wireless router so we can have access on the porch, and it should reach the beach which would be cool.  While it's always a great time, it's good to be home to the dogs and getting things back in order around the house.