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11-03-05 : Well sometimes you just cannot put off the inevitable.  Even after determining that the reason why I could not make a full pull was due to the inability of DynoJets to load properly, the turbo kit just wasn't making the power that was promised.  While most would be content with 510rwhp, it was not what I was hoping to achieve.  So what was to be last winter has finally become reality....two words - Kenne Bell.   Click here for more....

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08-16-09 Meriden Police Car Show 10-21-07 MIR Ford Fever Classic : Top 20
08-15-09 Saleens at Orange County Choppers 06-09-07 CJMF Car Show 99-04 Modified : 1st Place
11-03-08 SEMA Show 2008 06-03-07 Meriden Police Car Show : 1st Place
10-21-07 Ford Fever Classic Show 06-02-07 American Iron Car Show - 94-04 : 3rd Place
10-20-07 5.0&SF Magazine Shoot Sept '04 5.0 & SuperFord - Page 137
07-01-07 LMMC-CT Summer Cruise Sept '04 Mustang Enthusiast - Dyno Daze!
06-09-07 CJMF Car Show

06-03-07 Meriden Police Car Show
07-27-03 MM&FF Magazine Shoot
Mustang Enthusiast Magazine Shoot 


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02-05-06 Gorilla Axles 09-24-05 LBI Vacation
  01-22-06 Maybrook ATV Ride 05-15-05 Las Vegas Vacation

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